Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How We Met

We met the first time in 2001 at Virginia Tech when we briefly worked near each other. We saw each other once. 5 years later in July of 2005, he visited my church for the first time. I introduced myself to welcome "the new visitor". We looked for each other for several weeks. About three weeks later we had a luncheon after church. He waited to get behind me in line so he could see where I was going to sit. I sat down and saw a seat open next to me, I motioned for him to come over. (We were both hoping to sit next to each other!) We had lunch together and found out we had many things in common. He asked me if I wanted to go hiking sometime. We went the next weekend. It pored down rain. But, we laughed and talked and had the most fun! This is where we realized we had met 5 years before. He knew I was "special" when I still had a smile on my face after being wet and cold. We went Swing dancing that week and the next day we were officially dating.

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